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Profitable Product Pro Business Intensive

Profitable Product Pro Business Intensive

In the Profitable Product Pro, we’ll dive deep into your offer and funnel blueprint, marketing ecosystem, sales process, systems, and more so that we can decide the best way to increase your reach and profits. In the end, you’ll get a personalized game plan that will outline the exact steps you/your team can implement right away.

My clients have seen exponential growth using our approach - like going from a $17 sale to a $42 sale with just one tweak on the sales page. We’ll also share with you the exact plan we implemented for our client who was able to increase their conversion rate to over 14% on a self-liquidating offer funnel.

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👉The Profitable Product Pro (PPP) happens in three parts:

👩‍💻Part 1) The pre-work. When you sign up for PPP, we'll have a 30-minute call to set expectations and decide on your goals for the intensive. You're also going to fill out a detailed questionnaire. I'll take that and begin my homework to dig into your entire business ecosystem, look at who your competitors are, see what things are working, what's not, stuff like that. 

📲Part 2) The call. We'll get on a 2.5-hour recorded Zoom call. During that call, I'll take all my pre-work, all the research I did, and we hash it out and create a complete strategic road map for the next three to six months. We're going to dive into your offer positioning and structure, sales strategy, marketing funnel(s), competition, niche, and lead generation, and I'll actually give you all the strategy and tactics to create a really solid plan.

📒Part 3) The report. After the call, I'll work up a detailed report that outlines everything we talked about with the plan. We'll then hop on a 30-minute call to make sure that you understand all of the components of the PPP roadmap. The idea is that if we decide that we don't want to work together, you can take that plan and you do it yourself or you can execute with somebody else. It's actually a full road map and blueprint. If you do want to work with me and my agency, then I can create a really solid proposal from the report.

And if you do decide that you want to work with me, I actually take 50% of the intensive off your proposal so it actually ends up being half off if we work together to execute your strategic roadmap.🤗 It's a true WIN-WIN!

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Client Love:

"Carin knows exactly what to do"

Carin is absolutely amazing. I mean, I have pages and pages of notes and things to work on and how to get my funnels in place and my upgrades and other things. And I'm just so, so, so pumped. Carin is so extremely knowledgeable. She knows everything about how to offer bonuses and the plan to make and she lays it out super easy, easy for you to follow. And she's just amazing. So if you haven't had your intensive with Carin yet, you need to sign up because she's the best!

Kim, Founder of Creative Reading Adventures


"I could not have asked for a better strategist"

After my first session with Mixed Media Pros, I was so on fire and excited to get started. They took my ideas, my concepts, my desires, and they transformed it and integrated it with their own ideas that were absolutely amazing. Carin is phenomenal. I could not have asked for a better strategist who is so compassionate, so motivating, and so on target with what I want and has the proof and the ideas as well as the experience to make it happen.

Terrica, Wedding Industry Pro and Coach

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At Mixed Media Pros, we're Certified Triple Threat Marketers *AND* Certified Master Persuaders... 

We are uniquely qualified to support you in taking your buyers on a journey to experiencing your brilliance and feeling like they've hit the jackpot by finding you and your offers. Not only will they be screaming "take my money!" but they'll also become your biggest brand advocates and promoters. 

In other words, your days of being the best-kept secret in your industry are about to come to an end. In this business intensive, you'll get everything you need to figure out your niche, develop a strong marketing argument (also known as a unique selling proposition), and create offers that your ideal customers/clients cannot possibly resist!

To recap, here's everything you're getting when you sign up for the Profitable Product Pro intensive today: 

  • 30-minute goal creation/coaching session (value $150)
  • Marketing consulting on your niche, offers, funnel structure, customer journey, and more (value $750)
  • 2.5-hour intensive business strategy session (value $2500)
  • 30-minute marketing assessment/debrief session (value $150)
  • Strategic Roadmap with literally everything you need to implement to create sustainable growth and profits in your business (value $1500)

The total value of this consulting service is over $5000! But you won't pay anything close to that when you sign up today. 

You won't even pay the normal price of $2500.

Instead, you can get everything mentioned here for a one-time investment of $1500! 

To get started, you'll pay a 30% deposit of $450 to reserve your intensive. The balance of $1,050 will be due by the date of your intensive.

Next Steps:

Once the deposit payment is completed, you'll receive an email with the Client Intensive/VIP Day Services Agreement to review and sign. You'll also receive the link to book your kickoff call where we'll discuss the goals and outcomes you want from the intensive. 

Go ahead and click the button below to pay your deposit and get started today!

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